Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rainbow Scarf With Clouds

I made this scarf about 2 months ago or so, and since I just (finally) typed out the pattern on Ravelry, I figured I may as well write it out here, as well.

This pattern will use a single crochet, so your rainbow will be bright, and dense. This is definitely an improvement upon my last rainbow scarf, and as a matter of fact, this was the scarf I was wearing when someone stopped me on the street to ask me where I bought it. When I told them I had made it myself, they offered to buy a scarf from me! I have also received a -ton- of compliments on it, including a woman who told me I have the best single crochets she's ever seen, and if she didn't see me making it, she would think it had been done by a machine.

But don't get all intimidated by my ego here. When I made this scarf I had only bee crocheting for 9 months. I just practice a lot. Nothing crazy here. Also, I know the clouds look intimidating, but I promise those are easy, too!

This is the 1st pattern I’ve written out, so please let me know if anything is unclear.

Stitches (and abbreviations) you’ll need to know for this pattern:

ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
ps - Puff stitch

For Puff stitch:

-Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook below the chain. Wrap the yarn over the hook and draw through. There will be 3 loops on the hook.
-Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook below the chain. Wrap the yarn over the hook and draw through. There will be 5 loops on the hook.
-Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook below the chain. Wrap the yarn over the hook and draw through. There will be 7 loops on the hook.
-Wrap the yarn over the hook, pull the yarn through all 7 loops.
-Wrap the yarn over the hook, pull through(chain) to secure puff stitches at the top.

To make clouds:

ch 4. sl st to connect them in a circle. ch 1. Make 8 ps within ring. Connect ps with a sl st. ch 1. Now do 2 ps in the space between each ps. You will now have 16 ps. connect with a sl st. ch 1. Work 1 sc in the ps, and 1 sc in the space all the way around the circle. You will have 32 sc. Connect and tie off.

Repeat this circle 20 times.

Tie in all loose ends.

Using a tapestry needle, sew 3 circles together in a line, then 2 on top to make sort of a ‘pyramid’ (as pictured). Repeat this 4 times so you will have 4 ‘clouds’. Make them as symmetrical as possible.
Put the ‘wrong sides’ of 2 clouds together and connect them by sewing together the bottom 3 circles. Leave the top 2 circles open and un-sewn for now. So you will now have 2 clouds.

To make the rainbow:

Chain approximately 300 red. sc in every space. sc 4 rows, follow that with 4 sc rows of orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. This makes the rainbow approximately 5 1/2” wide and will fit nicely within your clouds.

Putting it all together:

Tuck the ends of the rainbow in between the open space of your clouds. Using white yarn and a tapestry needle, sew the clouds on your rainbow. Be sure your rainbow is exactly perpendicular to the clouds so it doesn’t get sewn on crookedly. Also, be sure to close up the sides of the clouds that aren't on the actual rainbow. Do this twice.

Now you have a dense, bright rainbow, and with the clouds on both sides of the rainbow, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to wear it!

This is fairly time consuming, and requires a lot of patience (especially sewing the clouds to the rainbow without making it a crooked mess, not to mention doing a scarf completely in sc), but the results are worth it.



  1. Now see, I usually make all of my scarves in single crochet, so I'm used to it, lol. :3
    Brilliant idea! I'm so going to try this now!

  2. could you do a video tutorial of the clouds i just cant get it!

  3. Love the pattern! I'm making it now, just finishing up the last color stripe. Can't wait to put it all together!!!

  4. What size hook do you need for this? I don't see it anywhere in the instructions...

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    Thank you so much for your time and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  6. What size crochet hook did you use? It is not specified. I used a size I and my rainbow is too wide for my clouds...

  7. Thank you. This was a fun pattern!