Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Needles and the Damage Done

Yeah, that's right. I bought knitting needles.

They're big.

I don't really know what possessed me to do it. I'm barely competent at crocheting, but I guess the spirit moved me to pick some up. I tried some knitting tonight, and it seems like it'll be easy enough once I get the hang of it, but sitting wide-eyed in front of YouTube at 1 AM probably isn't the best way to learn.

I think Ravelry has inspired me a lot. There are a lot of patterns, and a lot of people helping other people. It's a really nice place. However, it's because of Ravelry that I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of crochet projects I want to make...:)

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  1. I'm currently teaching myself how to knit as well (me and my mom are learning together). We only know the knit stitch so far, lol. Haven't gotten to Perl yet. XD Anyway, keep at it! I know I got interested in knitting because I saw a Dark Mark illusion scarf on Ravelry and I wanted to make one for myself. Hence, youtube lessons, lol. :3