Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gay Elephant Cheesecake!

My friend's birthday was back on February 18th, and I wanted to make her the perfect thing. She is the best person to make gifts for, because she's one of those people who talks about the things she loves, and loves loving the things she loves. Among all of the things I could have made, I decided to marry cheesecake, rainbows and her absolute favorite animal: elephants, together into one amazing giant cheesecake.

The happiest birthday girl!

I used the Rainbow Cheesecake from, and it's amazing. Not only does it walk through how to make the rainbow, but it also holds up as just a regular cheesecake. With 2 pounds of cream cheese, a cup of both heavy whipping cream and sour cream, you just can't go wrong. I've made a couple cheesecakes in the past, but I have to say that this one blew the other ones out of the water. I also feel as though I received the best compliment a person could receive, when unbeknownst to me, Mishan decided she was going to split up the cake and give some to all 20 or so people at the party.

Sans elephants. Surprisingly symmetrical!

Having never made this cake, I found myself very nervous, but after receiving compliments from every single person present, I could not have felt better about the way things turned out. Even the small slice I had made me feel satisfied, and the next day I had people tell me they had dreams about my cake! Could not have been happier about this.


Although the outside looks like silly concentric circles, the inside is an explosion of color. Every piece had a ton of all 6 colors of the rainbow, although I don't have a decent picture of the inside, unfortunately.


This was fantastic, and fun, to make. It also wow'ed an entire party of people I hardly knew, and even myself. I would certainly encourage everyone to make this at some point. Even if you don't like the rainbow part Or the elephant part...), it makes a perfect cheesecake nonetheless.

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