Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Hundred Fifty-Two - A Poem

Last year, I was a part of a writer's group that had a writing challenge. The challenge was, in 250 words or less, write anything involving a wish.

My wish was to have more than 250 words, and I wrote a sonnet, where technically, that wish was granted (although maybe I should write a 3rd sonnet about how that wish was not granted as much as it was earned).

I spent the last hour re-writing, rewording, and putting the finishing touches on it. I liked it enough to share it, and since it's the first sonnet I've written since high school, I thought maybe making it public would give me more incentive to write more of them. I know it needs work but it's been - Oh Dear God - 10 years since I have written one.

(Also please note that this rough draft was written last July, when Scott Walker had just shrugged off a recall election, and we were in the middle of a terrible, terrible drought up here in Wisconsin, to explain the few lines that aren't synced up with current events.)

Two Hundred Fifty Two
Pam Gabriel

Before me lies a toil, one so daunting
To search the depths of my own weary heart
To solve one thing in this world that's haunting
Only two hundred fifty words, to start

And in those few words, find my greatest wish
Something grand, and above all else, perfect
Bring back a loved one I so dearly miss?
Or help a suff'ring friend I'm desperate to protect?

Bring them back to where I feel they belong
Let them wake up, without hunger or pain
Though something so farfetched feels so wrong
I sudd'nly won't awake with powers gained

Instead of taking Godlike leaps and bounds
Perhaps I should keep my feet on the ground

So many problems I could write about
In less than a page I must express them all
Wish for some rain to end this scorching drought
Or for another chance to get Scott recalled

With ideas so vast, and words so few
To say it all would be fiercely tough
What I would like the most is more words to use
Even a second page would be good enough

Then I could say it all, express my plight
Tell you my woes, 'til my voice disappears
Stand upon my soap box, all day and night
A thousand more words, I'll be rid your fears

Desperately I wish a miracle to bring
It will sweep through and solve every little thing

Even if I could, it would not come true
But this one did, with two hundred fifty two!

I'm a clever gal, ain't I?

(You don't have to answer that)

In other writing news, It's Camp NaNoWriMo, and I'm hoping to write more poetry (maybe something less structured), as well as maybe some short stories or screenplays. We'll see if they actually end up here or not. April started almost a week ago, and this is the first thing that resembles writing that I've done, so we'll see.

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