Friday, February 10, 2012

First Article of Clothing!

I am super psyched! Although it may be simple, it may fit awkwardly, and one sleeve may or may not be (hint: it is) bigger than the other, I made my first piece of clothing, and I really like it! I used this pattern to make what I have dubbed my Super Simple Grass Green Shell Shrug! The pattern is a bit iffy, and making the large, I had to make the base chain quite a bit bigger than it says for it to be 33" across, but besides that it was fine. All in all, you'll spend 90% of your time making shell after shell after shell, then you fold it in half to sew together the sleeves, and then make an edging.

This took me just under a month to do, since making roughly 1,000 shells was no exciting task.


I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton, which will hopefully make it nice and cool and comfortable once the spring and summer months come up. I really like shrugs, but don't own any for some reason. I am pretty sensitive about my shoulders (the left one has suffered some pretty bad burns, and I dread the "what happened?" question). I'm excited to make more shrugs, and to now expand my camisole collection, since I'll soon be able to wear them in public :)

I enjoyed making this, and can't wait to make more of my own clothing! I have decided 2012 is a year of big projects, and I'm certainly on the right track so far.

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