Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, has it been awhile? ;)

Hello my lovely followers.

I consider myself a halfway decent blogger, I really do. But I suppose leaving my bloggerly duties for two months isn't my best decision to date. Here's a picture-free post of what I've been up to.

1. A Giant doily shirt.

Kristin Omdahl has a book it's called Crochet So Fine. In that book, there is a pattern for the cover piece, and I decided to make it. Though I started it in April, it was during June that I got terribly obsessed with finishing it. And finish it, I did! It's a lovely piece that I'm very proud of, and I'm just waiting for an opportunity to get some semi-decent, semi-flattering pictures of me wearing it. This thing deserves some jsutice, more than a selfie in a full-length mirror can do.

2. Other crochet things.

Of course I'm still crocheting. I'm making a skirt, dabbling in filet crochet, and trying to bring my stash down to something manageable.

3. Duct tape art?

That's right. I decided to pick up a roll of duct tape for the first time in about a year. I have a few wallets for sale on my Etsy, and I'm hoping to focus on it for a little while before I put it back down. For awhile, I was feeling a lot of pressure to do more and more with my duct tape art than I was capable of, and now that I feel out of the lime light, I'm hoping I can pick it up again as an easy-going hobby without any pressure from friends and family.

4. Writing.

I've been attending weekly writers group, reading and writing poetry, as well as keeping up with constantly editing my screen play that I wrote back in April. I might have some up here, but we'll see about that ;)

5. Being geeky.

I've been focusing a lot on geeky, pop-culture-y art. I hope to hone a few things before I post them here.

Stay with me, guys! I'll be around :)

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