Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.: Pinterest. Also, let's give ourselves a challenge!

Yes, Pinterest.

I know, we all have our feelings about it, whether it be good or bad, but thanks to Pinterest, I'm starting a challenge for myself (Feel free to join me!)

I feel as though there are two kinds of people on Pinterest. The first kind is The Collector, The second being The Doer.

The Collector is planning their wedding, wardrobe and future house out on Pinterest. They post pictures of shoes, dresses, cute wedding ideas (so many of which, that if they actually USED all of them at their wedding it would be the tackiest thing), as well as home accessories from rugs to kitchen bowls, to food processors to paintings and toilets. They post so many pictures of jewelry and open-toed shoes, all with the caption "I WANT THIS!!!!!". There is nothign wrong with being a Collector (I'm certainly guilty of it at times), but I find myself getting bored of thinking "Oh, look at this thing I'll never own'. I'd much rather be a Doer, and that's what this challenge is about.

The Doer is the person who posts DIY things over and over again, from every sort of category. How to make your own dresses, how to plant a garden in tuna cans, how to bake cookie bowls, how to do fancy up-dos. Crochet and knit patterns show up among tutorials on how to make coffee filter flowers, headbands out of T-shirts, and personally, I can't tell you the amount of things I have pinned related to DIY projects with maps involved.

Good GOD I love Maps.

So us Doers, we pin and pin and pin and pin, and we think "HOW ENRICHED MY LIFE WILL BE AFTER I MAKE ALL THESE THINGS", and we keeping pinning and pinning until one day we realize....My God, I'm not actually doing any of these things. I'm just wasting time on Pinterest, tricking people into thinking that I'm a super crafty lady.

So, I'm going to remedy this.

During the month of June, I'm going to set down my crochet hook for awhile, and do some of the things I've pinned, because I sincerely thought about how enriched my life would be because of it. On top of it, hopefully by posting links to some of these things, I will hopefully be able to inspire you guys to do something crafty with your time (I mean seriously. I just CAN'T watch anymore TV, or deal with facebook for much longer).

So, month of June. What will you guys be doing? I'm going to take on the challenge of making:

- DIY Crochet hook comfort grips

- Jenga Block Map Keychain

- Homemade granola "bars"

- Pretty Double Braid Headband Hairstyle

Don't have a Pinterest?

That's fine, in fact, it probably means you're being more productive than I am. Nonetheless, let's make June a month of getting things done, learning new things, picking up a new hobby, venturing into unknown territories of your current hobby.

Wanna know more about crocheting, but have only made a dozen scarves? Learn to make a hat. Don't have anything to do with your hands while watching TV? Learn to knit. Bake cookies all the time? Make crescent rolls, or learn to make cheesecake. Go outside and take photographs. Start writing a novel. Just get your hands on something, and make your brain start thinking.

I think you'll be surprised how nice life gets when you get away from Facebook and cartoons once in awhile. It's not that I'm not guilty of it, I totally am...what do you think inspired all of this, anyway?

I will post my results either at the end of the month, or as they are completed. Anything on your pinboards you guys wanna knock out of the way this June? You can see by the things I'm choosing to do that it won't cost much, either. Any hobbies you've been wanting to dabble in, but just haven't, for one reason or another? What are you guys waiting for?

Since I've been blabbering on about Pinterest, you guys should follow me! Honestly, please do. I need to follow more people...right now, all the pinners I watch are Collectors...I need some inspiration!

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