Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crocheted Crescent Moon Wand, and a contest to get the pattern!

Hey guys! I'm here to shake it up a bit. In this post, I'm going to be holding kind of a "Contest" in order to give out the pattern for my newest creation: A Crocheted Crescent Moon Wand! I've never held any kind of contest before, but I have my reasons, and it's something I've always wanted to do.

When I posted the pattern for my Eternal Sailor Scout Transformation Wand, I didn't get exactly the constructive criticism I would have liked. I put a lot of effort and energy into something I loved, and being the good, sharing person I am, I provided it for free to whoever wanted it.

The response I was hoping for was, of course, something positive, but even something negative, or how I could have corrected it, would have been appreciated. Instead, I got rude, crude and insensitive comments about it, with no help about how to move forward with my new pattern-making endeavours. While I received some positive comments, and I appreciated them sincerely, compared to the sea of rude and generally unrelated comments I got, it was hard to appreciate them.


So, in order to get this pattern, here's what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this entry with:

- Your name (or handle you'd like to be called by)
- Your Email (Does anyone know how to screen comments? Otherwise, I will happily delete your comment after I send you the .pdf, so no one else gets your email)
- A 100+ word constructive comment about this item. What do you like? What don't you like? What questions do you have about it? What would you change? What needs to stay the same? Keep it constructive, and keep it focused on the Crescent Moon Wand.

That's it! Once I approve your comment, I will Email you a .pdf of the pattern. There is currently no limit of people who can get the pattern, and I'm not currently setting a time limit on this "contest". This may change in the future, but until then, I will be sending the pattern to everyone who earns it.

I hope this works out, and I hope you understand why I am taking these measures. From here on out, I will continue to provide patterns for free and without any hoop-jumping, but if I'm going to continue making high quality patterns, I am going to need to know where I need to go, and the only way I can further improve my patterns is from my fellow crocheters. And considering I'm in the eye of the 50,000 word storm known as NaNoWriMo, I figured 100 words wouldn't be a problem for you.

With that being said, I want to talk a little bit about this project. It was a pretty easy, quick project. It measures 16" from bottom of stick, to the top of the crescent. It's rather sturdy, but the crescent is pretty heavy, so it's a good idea to secure it tightly.

I'm having a lot of fun making Sailor Moon wands, so don't be surprised if more of them show up over the next few weeks/months. With NaNoWriMo in full swing, I don't know how many more "big" projects I can create, but we'll see where the wind takes me, I guess.

Anyway, see you guys soon, and I look forward to your critiques :)


  1. Hey there! Okay, I've given this a lot of thought and have only come up with one "critique."

    My suggestion would be to try making the crescent moon as 2 parts instead of one. It could be worked identically until you reach the halfway point of the full moon and then sewed together to make the crescent shape. The reason I would try that is because I personally find it hard to have my decrease rows look half as even as my increase rows, especially if I have to shape the piece while decreasing. This way both points of the moon will look the same. The downside is that you may have a seam in the middle of the moon depending on how you sew it together.

    Hope this is something that you were looking for. Please don't stop designing! :)

    (Email is in my Blogger profile.)

  2. Claire
    This is very creative – the wand looks nice and thick, and all the separate pieces seem stitched together well. It looks like you could smack people over the head with it a few times and it wouldn’t fall apart. You said that the crescent is pretty heavy, it may be a good idea to use a little decorative stone to weight the other end of the stick (and secure it in place by sewing over it a couple times) for balance. Additionally, I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the photo, but the bottom part of the crescent where it starts to come to a point looks a little thicker than the top part of the crescent. I’ve just started to make my own patterns as well and I know I’ve forgotten to write down some steps, and had to try and make it up for the next piece praying it would match. If you did make a midway point and had the second half reflect exactly as the previous rows were, it may just be a stuffing/shaping issue.

  3. Chrisa

    I love your wand design. I hope that it is still possible to get a pattern for it. I have been trying to find a wand pattern for months now and this is perfectly me lol. I am a moon girl and have been since I was very young.
    I know this is more a sailor moon wand but I am seeing it in silver, dark Blue and yellow or maybe just some ribbon added to it. I have a problem with adding extras to my crochet projects... a button here ribbon there. My Grand Daughter wants one in the colors pictured :) I think for size and design you did a wonderful job. Looking at the finished product that it would probably be a good project for someone with good crochet skills, but one that a beginner could probably master with some practice and or with a little tutoring. I think you did a great job and I wish that I had found your blog a lot sooner. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jessica

    This is so cute! I've just started introducing my six year old daughter to Sailor Moon and I'd love to make this for her, I hope I can still get it. My thoughts are maybe adding pipe cleaners or some form of wires in the edges of themoon piece so it can curve a little smoother. I've done it before where you can just crochet around the pipe cleaners so it's worked into the stitches. It won't move around that way, and you can just bend the ends over inwards so you don't have loose wire ends poking out. But all in all, I think it's fantastic.

  5. Katy R.

    Hi Pam!
    Let me start off by saying Bravo! I am a self titled, 34 year old, geek girl myself and I grew up watching and loving Sailor Moon and the Sailor scouts! I have the complete dvd series in original Japanese as well as in English! I also have the whole manga collection, both audio CDs and an assortment of dolls, toys, and nick nacks. I have been crocheting for almost five years now and have enjoyed many a challenging project, but it never occurred to me to try making any of the Sailor wands! It's hard to critique your pattern just from looking at the picture, however, one thing i would potentially try would be to crochet the wand handle sideways. Basically making a rectangle and sowing it into the tube shape. This allows for stiffer stuffing and could help with smoothness! I hope your still running your contest, but even if your not, please keep designing for all of the grown- up geeks out there like myself!

  6. Martialzhen

    Hi there. Just wanted to say the wand looks fine to me and I love it :) It is one of the reasons I got into crochet. I'm still a newbie of sorts myself so not much I can do in offering technically advice lol. I hope the pattern is still available my daughter has been recently introduced to sailor moon and absolutely adored it. For her birthday I'm working on a s moon tiara, and a "meatball" head beanie for her and tht wand would perfectly round it out. Keep on doing whatcha doing because it looks all good to me and inspires me more to push myself on making custom things :)

  7. Christina B.

    Hi there. The wand looks totally awesome. I actually tried to crochet one completely freeform and I could not get the crescent part to hold shape like that. I've been a huge Sailor Moon fan since I was little and I would love to be able to make this. I think the only thing that might make it better would be if you had hot glued a little red gem in the middle of the smaller crescent. But otherwise, excellent job on this.

  8. Kate

    Hello. I happened across this wand while searching for a crescent moon pattern. That's exactly the moon I was trying to make. I like the whole wand too. Since I have three girls I even like the pink :) The only thing I wouldn't have put up there is the white ball. I think it looks too much like a golf ball that's landed on the moon. I probably would have made a gem or something like that. And one more thing I might have done is used some kind of "furry" yarn for the row just under the moon to give it a little texture. Love it though. I hope I get the chance to make one. :)

  9. Stefanie

    Are you still doing a contest of sorts in order to gain a copy of this pattern? My daughter recently got into Sailor Moon and I was going to attempt to make her one hopefully for her birthday in November.

    Without being able to look at the pattern itself, I'm only able to go by visuals. I a few things that I would consider as changes or modifications is on the bottom where the pink changes to yellow would be to include a way to make a ring or area that comes out a bit before going back to the smaller end of the wand. (I really wish I could show you what I mean, it would probably make more sense with visuals.)

    Another area would be the crescent itself, it could be just a matter of stuffing not being fully enough or just normal wear and tear but it looks very bumpy and not smooth on the tip. Again, this is purely going off of what I see.

  10. Maddie

    No word to describe how much i love this wand A++ . As a 14 year old crocheter my self, the crescent shape and structure is very alike with sailor moons wand. The size and everything about makes it very unique in its own way. There is nothing bad to say about the wand, the only thing would to be is to put some more detail on the stick for example the colors of the sailor senshi dots where the crescent moon stiched on the stick is on. That is the only thing i think would make the wand look better.

    The am looking to cosplay SM this year and would love to have a crochet crescent wand but not a 80 dollar banadi wand XD


  11. Shannon Gallagher

    Oh so wonderful! I was only too excited to come across your site today.
    I do hope the contest is still going on-- I'd love to make one of these!.

    Commenting on the image/pattern-- I am surprised that your crocheted the moon in long horizontal stitches-- I imagined they would be in the round until I looked closer. The crescent has wonderful shape so your choice seems very successful!
    When I first saw the scepter, I immediately thought that I would put a bell in the white ball at the top to make it even more fun for my daughter. You mentioned the top is quite heavy. I wonder if they bell would make that even worse.
    Did you reenforce the handle to give it stability with the weight of the moon? I have made patterns that have chopsticks in the base to give strength.
    The handle has a perfect shape-- great job on that too!

  12. Emily

    Hello!! I don't know why people were rude to you =( This wand is amazing!! I would love to have this pattern and be able to tell people that I got this pattern from you. I've loved Sailor Moon since I was around 3 years old. I still have all the Sailor Moon cards. This will make a great piece in my Sailor Moon collection.

    I've only crochet for about a year so I'm not good enough to critique someone. I hope you are still giving out the patterns because I truly would love to make this!

    Thank you <3

  13. Margarita

    I love this wand! This must have taken you a very long time to create this pattern. The crescent shaped moon seemed so complicated; I’ve tried it and failed miserably. I really want to make this wand. I have loved Sailor Moon since I was about 4. I want to use it for a cosplay prop, or maybe give it to one of my cousins to fight against the Negaverse. I hope I can still get the pattern (I really want it)!!!! What did you put in the wand? Pipe cleaners? Or is it just stuffed with fiber fill? I really want to know!!! Hope to hear from you soon ^-^

    I think this is Absolutely Beautiful would Love to have the pattern

  15. Hey:)

    I love this wand this is such a creative crochet pattern. I would love to make this pattern because I'm a huge sailor moon fan and I love to crochet and knit so to make this would be amazing in my collection! I don't think you need to change anything honestly it's completely perfect!! So I would love to get ahold of the PDF to make this wand. Pretty please
    My email is

  16. Diane
    Delphinienne at gmail dot com

    I love this pattern! I've been searching for a few I can use to make parts of my halloween costume. I honestly don't have any criticism except it could use some bling, which i would just add myself. You have a real nice shape going with it. I hope you are still giving it out and I am sorry people were so rude to you. You are very talented. Take care!

  17. (please stop messing things up browser - giving this another try)

    The only things I would add would be a row of topstitched sc around the transition from gold to pink at the end of the wand, and doing some simple embroidery stitches to the silver crystal to give it more of a gemstone look. Or do it with a shiny yarn, or one with a metallic thread spun in with the main color.

    These are great patterns and I'm looking forward to making the senshi wand!

    crazyaliencrafts (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. First of all, I think your wand turned out wonderfully, and I'm sorry to hear that you received so many negative and irrelevant comments.

    Because I have never made a pattern myself, I'm not sure what to suggest in terms of improving the pattern. The only thing I can suggest from an aesthetic standpoint would be to maybe add a few more details in a few areas. For instance, I believe there is supposed to be some sort of red jewel where the rod meets the moon part of the wand, and I like what other people said about using a shimmery yarn to create the crystal.

    I would love it if you would email me this pattern. My email address is Thanks in advance!

  19. I absolutely love your crescent wand, and I'm looking through your blog now for the transformation wand you mentioned. I'm so sorry that you have received negative comments. People just don't understand how much time and effort goes into projects like these.

    I would love to have this pattern if you would be so kind to email it to me. A friend of mine, and fellow moonie, just told me she is pregnant and should she have a girl, I would love to make this for her. My email is Thanks!

  20. I like the Sailor Moon wand, it looks really pretty and girly like Sailor Moon. I think a red stone in the upper handle will give it a bit of bling that will enhance its beauty. I think the bottom of the handle will be great if it's more round, like a ball almost. What I would like to know is what you used in the handle to keep it straight and firm? Could the pattern be down sized for a doll to hold, like a crochet Sailor Moon? Is the wand based off of the Sailor Moon wand? Have you made a video tutorial on how to make your Sailor Moon wands yet? Do you plan on doing so if you haven't yet? Sincerely Betty Boop

  21. I like the Sailor Moon wand, it looks really pretty and girly like Sailor Moon. I think a red stone in the upper handle will give it a bit of bling that will enhance its beauty. I think the bottom of the handle will be great if it's more round, like a ball almost. What I would like to know is what you used in the handle to keep it straight and firm? Could the pattern be down sized for a doll to hold, like a crochet Sailor Moon? Is the wand based off of the Sailor Moon wand? Have you made a video tutorial on how to make your Sailor Moon wands yet? Do you plan on doing so if you haven't yet? Sincerely Betty Boop

  22. Hi I just want to say that I really love your crescent wand , I have been trying to crochet one myself but could not get it quite right. As far as things I would change I'm not sure that I would, maybe the white used for the crystal I would try to use a white yarn that maybe had a little shine to it to make it look a little more like a crystal.  I would try to also add the small crystals at the top of the handle , I would maybe use a crochet needle and work the yarn in a small circle.  Besides those little details I think your pattern is great and well worked . 

      I hope you are still having the contest for the pattern I would really love .... Thank you ! 

  23. Maria: 3
    Hello! I really like the shape of the moon, I have tried many patterns in which he had an almost round shape like this <3 and I also really like how it was made crystal, but there are things I would change, for example, better stuffing the moon so it does not seem to have the bumps, the high part of the stick I like as you have realized, for the rest of the stick but I would try to do it all the same size, and only fed through the lower double the points, make a turn only in back loop yellow and then continue decreasing and close, or doing the opposite and from the end with the yellow work a semicircle, then double in back loop, a round always doubled pink and then fall throughout the tell and continue then as you already done. then over the moon as decoration at the top would use or try to Lenci cloth or colored stones and a sticky star.
    excuse of criticism or advice, I hope are useful to you <3 and I hope to be chosen to send me the pattern, because I have tried several times to make the moon but there are never succeeded so well: D
    excuse the rant
    xx by Maria
    (Sorry if I made some mistakes I'm Italian and I tried to do my best)

  24. Stefania

    Hey! Im from Argentina so sorry for my writing mode.
    This really is one of the best jobs i found on the internet, maybe i you should be more careful with the filled of the moon, you could knit it more tighter so it would keep the form.
    The stick could be a little more thinner in the middle part, that would create the ilusion of a better shape.
    The details will look better made in felt, because the yarn is a little bit heavy.
    On the bottom of the stick you could change some rounds so its gonna be more staggered and not as round.

    I hope to be in time to request the pattern, it would be very helpfull.
    Thank you!

  25. Hi! I'm not sure if you're still doing this contest or not, but I figured it was worth a shot!

    First off, I love that the stick of the want itself is tapered in at the middle! That's a detail that I see left out a lot when people make their crescent moon wands! I think that the pink "ball" that's at the top of the stick, right below the crescent moon, should be a little bit bigger for accuracy. Also, I might add a ridge along the top of the gold cap at the bottom of the stick, and a gold "holder" for the crystal for a little more textural detail. Other than that I think it's pretty spot on, and adorable!

  26. Maveth:
    I think it looks like a good starting base. I know it's yarn but the shape could be sharper, and there are details that are missing or not apparent in the picture, such as the base of the crystal and the bottom. I think to firm up the lines, you'd need to go down a hook size and adjust the pattern for size loss, which would take a LOT of fiddling. Downside, it would be less soft, but as a prop, that's usually desired. Also, the smaller would be easier with felt and buttons.

  27. Martika

    I love sailor moon and would love to have this crochet pattern, my friend would love if I made her one too ��

  28. Hi I'm angie

    I don't really have a comment on the wand other than I love it. I'm looking for a pattern so I can make one for my sister in law (my brother wants to give it to her for her birthday) hopefully it is still possible to get this pattern. Thank you very much for your generosity

  29. email:

    I love the wand! I am an avid crafter and would rather take the time to crochet something than go through the mess of using plastic. Sailor Moon is my favorite character and I get to cosplay her later this year.

    As for the item above, I will say that it appears slightly lumpy in places, but I think that is more the polyfill than anything. I might have added a ring border between the bottom and the handle - make it seem more like the actual wand. I would also have used a white yarn with the shimmering string woven in to make it look more crystal like. Lastly, I would have made the item just under the crescent as a separate piece that I stitched on so I could have the red 'gem' as well.

  30. Hi Pam I've been searching for daaaaays for the perfect toy to crochet my lil one and I stumbled upon your most adorable unique wand ever!!! I'm not sure if this pattern is free and I'm not sure I'd be able to purchase if not free!!😕 I'm struggling a bit financially and I feel it's not just a cheaper way to go but it means so much to me as I give my finished hard work to my child and her face is priceless and that's all I need in life to keep me going!! If u could please let me me know if pattern is available I'd be ever so grateful thanks again my email address is thanks again for sharing ur beautiful talent

  31. Hello Pam. My name is Alix and your pattern is beautiful. I'd like to make one myself for my friend's little girl who is very in to Sailor Moon right now. I wonder if crocheting the bottom part of the wand in cotton or heavier more sturdy yarn would create a more stable base? Perhaps switching to a lighter or sport weight yarn for the crescent would create a lighter top so it would be less top heavy would help? I'm not sure, but I think if you'll send me the pattern, then I'll try it and let you know how it goes. Thank you for providing a pattern for this, as its now virtually improbable to find one anywhere else. If the pattern is still available, my email address is Thank you!

  32. Hello, My name is Anne-Marie, I'm from France and I've been crocheting for a few years now. As a geek I try do do and create things with my yarn and crochet, and your crescent moon wand would be the pinacle of the collection of what I could make.

    I have absolutely no ideas of how to make the crescent of the wand. With the picture of your wand I can see how to make the stick, it's the easy part (by the way and it would only be me, but I would add a red circle of yarn above the cresecent on the stick and fix it with a bit of green, red and yellow yarn to make it look like even more like the wand in the anime but it completely depend of the size of the wand i suppose, and maybe use a slightly deeper shade of pink for the stick?) I have been searching for a week now before I found your page.

    I can't understand how some people can just be rude about this piece. I mean you made it for fun and it look great, and I'm pretty sure thay can't even do half of it by themselves. Sure one can always do better but nothing is ever perfect!

    Anyway I would like to try my hand with your pattern for several reasons. First as a geek I can't resist it, I simply can't, even if my favorite sailor scout is Jupiter. It looks too good to pass.
    Second, it look like a challenge, and at this point in my life I need this kind of challenge. I want to make a cosplay one day and your wand would be a exellent accessoire.

    I hope that this message found you well and even if you don't send me a pdf that okay. Oh by the way, my e-mail ;

    Have a nice day !